Now Is The Time To Enhance Your Immune System at Home

Nitric Oxide is a gas in our blood stream that is needed to deliver Oxygen to every cell in the body and mind. As we age, the production of Nitric Oxide decreases. Through The Humming Mask we can recover up to 80% of our lost Nitric Oxide.

Improves Mood

Relieves Body Aches

Lowers Blood Pressure

Enhanced Sleep

Supports Diabetes Health

Breathe Better

“The past 40 years I suffered from chronic backache.  After I started using the Humming Mask, it is completely gone.”

“I am more than satisfied, I sleep better, my overall well-being and my health is back.The Humming Mask is a miracle!”


“I have been using the mask for almost 4 years now.  I sleep well again, and my blood pressure is great again, i am very happy with this product ”

The Humming Mask Package

(1) Humming mask Face mask
(1) Humming mask Base
(1) Face mask head strap
(2) Set extra soft Silicone face pads
(6) Set Soft foam face pads
(1) Set NasalVent silicone nose tubes (five sizes)
(1) Power adapter
(1) Travel case
(1) User Manual

Retail Price $345. Available Now For $295 (includes USA Shipping)
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