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Varicose Veins

When the walls of the veins are too weak to support the blood moving toward the heart, the veins widen and pooling of the blood occurs, causing more stretching. Rebound exercise strengthens the cells of the veins, building strength in the veins to support proper blood flow. By health bouncing several times a day, circulation [...]

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Rebounding and Weight Loss

Because of the multiple benefits to every cell at once, rebounding is ideal for weight loss. Rebounding circulates more oxygen to the tissues for fat burning, increases metabolism, tones the glandular system,, and stimulates muscles to move fluids throughout the body which slows fat storage. In essence rebound exercise is providing the pathway to excellent [...]

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Activating the Lymphatic System

Rebounding is also known to stimulate all internal organs. When you jump on a rebounder, you are working against constant gravitational pressure. Every time you land, every cell in your body contracts, which helps to pull waste from the cells. In return, your cells are fed oxygen and nutrients from the blood stream. The up [...]

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Albert Einstein on the Science of Rebounding

In 1911 Albert Einstein stated if we could some how line up the 3 forces of acceleration, deceleration and gravity in a vertical plane, we would create the best exercise for the cells of the human body. No exercises met this definition until rebound exercise was developed. What happens when you are bouncing up and [...]

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